About Us

About Us

Innovative Aerial Imaging

Using a highly-capable but low-cost aircraft platform combined with professional-grade digital imaging equipment, Sundog Logistics is able to apply years of flying experience, software development expertise and creativity to offer solutions that put quality aerial image products in your hands quickly and inexpensively.

With a focus on speed, quality, and price, Sundog Logistics strives to offer clients a compelling and effective alternative to traditional aerial mapping and drone imaging. Contact us today to find out how your specific aerial image application may be able to benefit from Sundog services.


Safety. Experience. Capability.

Even with custom modifications for aerial imaging and an agressive FAA inspection and maintenance program, a photo aircraft is only as capable and as safe as its pilot. And a pilot's capability and safety is based on training and experience. With the right pilot and the right aircraft, the sky's the limit.


Years Collecting Aerial Imagery


Hours Of Flight Experience


Hours Maximum Continuous Flight Time


Down And Side Looking Camera Ports


Maximum Operating Altitude


Pounds Equipment Payload

Our Team

Dedicated and Determined

Carl Levison


* MS Meteorology University of Oklahoma
* CFII Single and Multi-Engine Aircraft

With over 20 years of experience working for some of the largest aerial survey companies, Carl has accured over 8000 flight hours in aircraft ranging from single-engine pistons to multi-engine turboprops. He has served as Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations, where he refined the art and science of airborne data collection and hired/trained pilots to execute missions at the highest level. As comfortable in front of a computer as he is in the air, Carl has developed dozens of software programs for end customers and to optimize internal operations. These include custom mapping applications, image processing tools, and operations managment software. With Sundog, Carl is looking to make ultra-fast-response imagery a simple and affordable service. He also wants to share his passion for aerial photography with the public by offering personal photo flights. Using custom-designed equipment to create dramatic and colorful aerial displays, Carl is excited to bring smiles to people celebrating special events on the ground - and provide them with aerial imagery of their events. Carl is passionate about flying, creating new tools, products, and services, and of course dogs!

Cessna Skyhawk


* 120 MPH
* 62 Gal Fuel Tank
* 4 Camera Ports

Although not considered a barn burner in terms of speed compared to other aircraft, the Cessna 172 is an incredible platform for aerial image collection. The 172 is the most common aircraft in the sky, and is known for its safety and reliability. Tried and true, there are few surprises with this aircraft that most mechanics can't quickly figure out. Sundog's Cessna 172 is modified with high capacity integral fuel tanks, 24 volt system power, displaced exhaust, GPS equipment, and multiple belly and side-looking sensor ports. It can stay in the air for over 6 hours and carry and power up to 200 pounds of imaging and computing equipment, which makes this an incrediby capable platform when compared to drones. Because the 172 is one of the least expensive aircraft to operate, when it is used correctly it can be far more cost-effective than drones or mapping aircraft for many imaging applications.



* 73 Pounds
* 5 Feet Tall When Jumping Up
* High Energy

A shelter dog that needed a second chance, Lex (formerly Lex Luthor) was a foster dog that soon became a foster fail. Now part of the family, Lex has taken on the role of honorary Sundog. Why Sundog? A sundog, or parhelion as it is scientifically known, is a rare atmospheric phenomenon observed near the sun when conditions are just right. It is a bright spot in the sky appearing on either side of the sun, formed by refraction of sunlight through ice crystals high in the Earth's atmosphere. Sound cool? Looks cool too! The name was chosen for the company because the phenomena it represents has a background in meteorology, is very unique, and is way up in the sky where we like to be! What do dogs have to do with it? According to Greek mythology, Zeus walked his dogs across the sky and those “false suns” in the sky on either side of the sun’s disk were his two dogs. Lex has some pretty big shoes to fill, but he does have some pretty big paws!